Creating Magnificent Relationships

Creating Magnificent Relationships

Think about all the relationships you have – with friends, family, partners, work colleagues, customers and suppliers, mentors, role-models and people you don’t even know personally.  Which of them make you greater?  Which of them support your growth, your journey?  Those are the “magnificent” relationships, where both of you are enhanced.

All you need to bring to relationship is you, your whole imperfect self and the commitment to self-discovery and growth – the growth of yourself and those around you.  Too often relationship is seen as a hiding-place, somewhere to run where someone else will be given the responsibility for sorting your life out.  Yet others can only help if you’re prepared to help yourself.

Relationship starts with self-reliance – not expecting someone else to make you whole.  When two “half-people” meet and try to form a whole something, all you have is co-dependency – and dependency destroys relationship.  Neither party grows; both are diminished.

It helps to understand how you get to feel good about you – your motivation; and to recognise that others may have other ways of getting there.  One of the biggest mistakes we make is to assume that everyone else approaches life the same way we do.  The helpful person is mystified to be perceived as an interfering nuisance; the ambitious leader can feel frustrated by their team and by the quiet professionals who clean up so efficiently behind them.  We try and force people to operate according to our own value and reward systems, and this creates conflict.

Each of us has a sequence of strategies for dealing with conflict, and when those strategies clash, the conflict is further deepened.  Take the trouble to find out how this works, and you will stop ploughing all your relationships into the mud.

Magnificent relationships survive, even thrive on conflict, troubles, the sticky spells and setbacks.

This is the basis for good relationships with customers, for fully effective team-building, for a happier home and social life.

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