Creating Abundance (Life Shift Book 5)

Lifeshift Book 5 - Creating AbundanceCreating Abundance questions the conventional assumptions about money and what it is for. Author Andrew Ferguson challenges the addictive hold money has over Western society and offers instead a new empowering relationship. This was the original book on (Work) Life Balance, first published by Piatkus in 1992, and now republished online.

Creating Abundance offers a new, more spiritually aware approach and provides practical step-by-step action plans to help you change your values, beliefs and priorities.  This is what allows Abundance and Purpose into your life.

Creating Abundance will help you feel good about yourself, your work and your attitude to money. It will change the way you think and encourage you on your journey to wholeness and personal success. Money is one of the most stubborn interferences we have to defeat in creating fulfilling lives.

1. The Age of Abundance – Western society’s addiction to money confuses standard of living with real quality of life. It ties you to a treadmill of constant struggle to achieve growth and accumulate more. Chapter 1 starts to release this addiction and open up the way to joy and abundance. There is never enough money or prosperity to create abundance

2. The World Makes Money Go Round – Chapter 2 puts money in its place; money does have a role, but is not a measure of success or an end in itself. Rather it’s a hilarious tool for working with trust and self-esteem. Your attitude to money, whether you love it or hate it, hoard it – or let it flow freely through your life speaks volumes about your level of maturity. Money has no importance in itself, only in terms of our reactions to it

3. The Author’s Tale – Chapter 3 frees you from worry, explaining it’s the most monumental waste of energy creating nothing but ulcers and other things to worry about; it takes the joy out of everything. Recognise you have a choice whether you continue to worry, or simply treat the worry as information that there’s something you need to look at here. This opens up a channel in you through which abundance can flow. Worry blocks energy

4. Beyond Prosperity Consciousness – Now having cleared the decks, Andrew tells you what does work – coming into relationship with your self and others, stepping into your potential and feeling wonderful whatever’s happening. Recognise that money is just a distraction. Money is only of value if you value nothing else

5. The Only Problem is Interference – Andrew rewrites the Laws for Living. The old laws affirm lack and separation: the new laws affirm connection with abundance. The old way is a struggle against the odds. The Creating Abundance way releases the enormous potential inside you – And still we resist it! Andrew encourages you to be brave, spring the ‘fur lined mousetrap’ and let the fear melt. The discomfort of undergoing change is nothing compared to the pain of resisting it!

6. Creating an Abundant Reality – challenges the old belief systems and explains in clear, simple terms how you dump them. This chapter also contains a short introduction to psychosynthesis and the extent to which we ‘create our own reality’. If you’re not running your life and creating its reality, who is? And why do they have this power when you don’t? Take 100% responsibility. We create our own reality, because we control where we direct our consciousness

7. The Quality of Abundance – invites you to be open to the forces of the universe, and exhibit powerful commitment, and release all attachment to ego validation. Commitment explained – how to get the universe to take you seriously. But be patient – sometimes it would be a disaster if you got what you put out for! The universe is always on time; and when the time is right – and you have learnt whatever lessons there are for you – for instance about ‘custodianship’ – it’s easy. Right energy means committing yourself and then letting go

8. Being Abundant – When you’re in debt and deprivation, the main lessons are acceptance, gratitude, release and openness. Lack is as good a place as any to learn your lessons and discover the meaning of abundance feeling wonderful regardless of outer circumstances. When money runs out on you, its message is usually “Move on”. Abundance contains lack

9. Seven Steps to Abundance – spells out The Seven Steps to Abundance with the conclusion that fulfilment is a journey towards wholeness. Money is further ‘out-ed’ as a distraction invented by people who live in fear of self. The measure of success is learning, not money

10. Working for Yourself – Andrew reveals one of his wisest insights – that “Work is a place we each create in order to learn and grow”. If your work is not a place of personal growth, leave! Life is for living. Work is a place we each create in order to grow

Afterword: Working for the Planet – It’s all too easy to say “Well, okay, next year” “when the children are older” “when I’m earning £30,000″ “when I’ve got my degree” “when pigs fly” “when I’m dead.” Here, now, with whoever is there, without delay is the best place to start being you and being abundant. Please don’t waste any more time. By the way, the future is green. Wherever you are is a good place to start

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