Life Shift Workbook (Life Shift Book 4)

Lifeshift WorkbookWhen you need to write a Plan, for a new business, a career move or a major new development with an existing enterprise, the biggest problem can be ‘blank piece of paper’ syndrome!  Your Life Shift Workbook is the Business Template you need.

Life Shift Workbook, and the associated books in the LifeShift series, overcome this problem. Moreover this Workbook uniquely stresses throughout the personal dimension you bring to it. As a result it provides a structured outline which will create a personally fulfilling and market-relevant Business (or Career) Plan.

Like Your Life Shift Manual (Life Shift Book 3) it covers all the practicalities, but without getting bogged down in tedious detail.

1. About This Workbook – explains how all the other Life Shift Books link and come together in this workbook. By filling in the spaces in this workbook, you create the most solid, thoughtful plan for your future.

2. Life Shift Workbook 1: Initial Self-Appraisal – draws together all the strands that turn your passion and joy, your skills and talents into an idea that will inspire you and inspire others. The absolutely essential basis for any business or career.

3. Life Shift Workbook 2: Vision Market Match - checks out the strength of your personal vision and ensures it reflects your values and beliefs. It insists you drop the agendas other people may have for you. Your learning needs and resource shortfalls are established. And there is a final check that your business and personal vision meets a market need uniquely and irresistibly. Once you have a compelling market match, everything else becomes obvious.

4. Life Shift Workbook 3: The Business Plan – gives you the structure for a thorough, comprehensive planning document, to ensure you have considered every eventuality and to support applications for funding. This will put your plan in the top 10%.

5. Review Documents – a selection from Your Life Shift Manual (Life Shift Book 3) Appendix

6. Counselling Materials – form the basis for sessions with your Business Adviser or other third parties.

You leave Life Shift Workbook (Life Shift Book 4) with a structured outline to create a personally fulfilling and market-relevant Business (or Career) Plan.

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