Take The Brakes Off (Life Shift Book 2)

Take The Brakes Off - Lifehsift Book 2Thousands of people set out to turn their dreams into reality, but get stuck on the implementation. Take The Brakes Off (Life Shift Book 2), originally published as ‘Life Shift: Doing The Dream’, breaks through the impasse. Realising your dreams takes more than wishful thinking or naked ambition.

At each phase of life there are pitfalls, distractions and attachments to overcome. Is your life working for you? Does your work enhance your life, or get in the way? When you look at your life, do the obstacles seem insuperable? Are you yet ‘doing your dream’?

Take The Brakes Off (Life Shift Book 2) is the definitive guide to taking back your life. Forget the ratrace. Drop everybody else’s agenda for you and define success for yourself. Develop a healthier balance between work and the rest of life.

Only 5% of the workforce ‘win’ the ratrace game, and many have little joy of it. Of the other 95%, most struggle and compromise to attain the heights, but don’t even reap the financial rewards, let alone fulfilment. There is massive dissatisfaction in the workplace. Conventional success can’t deliver on its promise. But there is another way, and it’s called LifeShift.

The Life Shift approach has been distilled from Andrew Ferguson’s training and counselling work with nearly 10,000 career-shifters over 25 years. Most of these have as a result created a self-managed or self-employed career.

Now you too can live the life you want – a life of quality. You can create, evolve and live your dream!

Life Shift shows you how to go about it, where to start, how to unpick what you’ve got and create what you want.

“Life Shift is the most complete and up to date version of the thinking pioneered at Breakthrough. Whatever has been happening for you recently, this book has insight that will help explain the process and facilitate your next steps. I’m sure you will enjoy it.” Andrew Ferguson

1. Living the rhythm of life – The first chapter of this book sets the scene and introduces a new explanation of the rhythm that measures our live. Tear up the old maps, learn to enjoy where you are and change what diminishes you. Now you take responsibility for the vision of life you created in Life Shift Book 1. Now you have a chance to create a life worth living, if you dare to let go what gets in your way – mostly busy-ness, negativity and obsolete beliefs. The rest of the book shows you how to have this happen for you.

2. Change is the only constant – This chapter frees you from the aberration of the Industrial Age and shows the way to individual freedom. You will be reviewing all your assumptions, and replacing quantity with quality. What will you make of the new values of individual responsibility, rebalancing life, deepening the experience of life, the personal journey, excellence and relationship with self and other? Will you see through the smokescreen of cultural pressure? The strangeness of the new and the insistent call of the old can conspire to slow your progress. Andrew suggests taking time with yourself may be where you start to beat procrastination.

3. The Grounding Years (0-21) – This chapter is an invitation to catch up with yourself. We keep learning and growing through all of life’s 7 year phases. This chapter looks at physical development, emotional discovery and intellectual awakening – the map of your first 21 years. More assumptions to question, more awareness of ways you may need to nurture your nature and reinvent yourself. The great danger up to age 21 is that exams and other distractions may have damaged your self-esteem and made you want to disappear. To move forward we need to unnail our feet!

4. The Breakout Years (21-28) – The twenties is the time to resist the ego pressure to conform and step into your vision. This chapter sets out what that takes – opening your heart, learning to love and experience your power. Again, if these years are behind you, there may be some ‘catching up’ to do. Will you now be true to yourself? Were you then? Or did you succumb to peer pressure? The learning for this phase of life is passion, applying your will, developing your excellence. It is the time to learn what’s involved in making commitments … and be clear which would be premature. Love and money are the two arenas for commitment: money talks, but it’s only of value if you value nothing else: love is willing the good of yourself and recognising your intimate relationship with the all.

5. The Song-Bird Years (28-35) – This is the time to create a life that works, to consolidate all the learning to date into a flexible portfolio of excellence. This and the self-assurance that comes from being authentic make for far greater security than grimly hanging on to a job you’ve outgrown. You are not your job. The job is dead. Dependency is dead. Now you cultivate the energy of organisation to mould a vehicle your will can drive. You will leave this chapter with a personal time management strategy to clear the blocks. You will be invited to drop the distractions and pitfalls of convention, judgment and false security. We home you in on what needs to change now so your mid-life crisis is not terminal.

6. The Crucial Years (35-42) – This chapter shows you how to have a positive mid-life. These are the classic LifeShift years, assertively questioning the meaning of the structures you’ve accepted. Andrew names the rogue behaviours that stunt your self-development now – addiction to stress, resistance, refusing to let go. You have a choice now – stay stuck with the mortgage and mid-life crash, or finally acknowledge your truth. Transition begins with acceptance. You will be acknowledging what is suffering in you and finding the courage to let go resistance and unconscious personality blocks. This may seem a tall order, but by the time you have read this far, you will be far better placed to take the plunge.

7. The Awareness Years (42-49): The meaning of life – There is a tremendous amount to learn but the reward is a more solid understanding of the contribution you might be making. What stops us in this phase of life is the success we may have achieved. But the 40s is the time to complete your career (yes really!) and make the shift to a more meaningful, sensitive existence. The 2% who win the rat-race resist the energy of this time because it jeopardises their accumulated pile. Even near-success blocks growth and interferes with risk-taking. Far better to consolidate the new you and discover your reasons for being here. A new way of being calls now – intuitive leadership, right livelihood, the arts and community. The route to this is to slow down, meditate and listen to your inner voice. But there is a need for balance; over-doing stops you hearing; over-being stops you acting on what you hear; either way you’re a raging bore. You don’t have to wait till you’re 40! You can draw down any or all of the energies early to anticipate life and mould vision sooner. Don’t you wish you had a map that explained this when you were 16?!

8. The Visionary Years (49-56): – Growing wise If you have avoided staying stuck in one of the earlier phases, you acquire insight into the meaning of life in the visionary 50s. By reading this you discover ahead of time why you might be here. You still have to work through all the energy challenges of each 7 year phase, but now you will do it with awareness … instead of flogging yourself to death. You will learn The Seven Steps, each governed by one of the chakra energies, which create a framework for turning vision into action. It is time now to catch up with any unworked energies and integrate them all. In particular now you tap into a spiritual energy and the perennial wisdom. No regrets, 56 is time to start a new intense life. You leave this chapter clear how you contribute.

9. The Wholeness Years (56-63): – Find balance and fulfilment in relationship to life Andrew wants you to arrive at 56 with all the seven energies under your belt, so you don’t miss the point of your life. Understanding the seven energies earlier than 56 gives you two lives for the price of one. But there are always new facets of ourselves to be explored, old qualities to be rebalanced and enhanced by new ones. Andrew expands your understanding of human energies – how they integrate and interact, the place of creativity, the masculine and feminine, yin/yang dimensions, love, relationship and environment. Andrew explains all this in a way that makes it clear and simple, probably for the first time; the overall outcome is personal fulfilment. Beware perfection. Beware retirement – people only retire from things they never wanted to be doing in the first place.

10. The Self-ful Years (63+): Human being – “At the end we will finally know ourselves.”
At the end of the book you’ll find The LifeShift Summary, which maps what’s in front of you at each of these phases of your life; and Personal Priority Pages to make your own notes and action plans for a successful Life Shift.

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