Rediscover The Real You (Life Shift Book 1)

Life begins with Vision – a clear and inspiring idea of who you are and what you might become. Vision reflects your values and priorities. It explains your ‘why’.

In a few short pages, Rediscover The Real You structures your search for a new, fulfilling Vision that will power your life.

It is also the start of the whole process of restoring your Life Balance, underpinned every step of the way by the Life Shift series of books.

Over the last 25 years, Author Andrew Ferguson has already supported thousands of people to ‘Life Shift’. Most of them have either adopted self-employment or a self-managing career.

Your journey to join them starts here!

What Rediscover The Real You (Life Shift Book 1) gives you – chapter by chapter

1. Put Joy First – Give misery the boot and track down your joy.

2. It’s Probably Easier Than You Think – Cut through the gobbledygook. Sit down with Andrew’s Circle of Life Exercise and clarify your current life priorities.

3. What’s Your Why? – No more compromising your values. Drop everyone else’s agenda, take charge of your life and get to the nub of your vision.

4. How Do You Want To Be? – Discover which of the Seven Levels of Energy you represent, and bring your unique personal energy to bear on your life vision.

5. Sharp Focus Your Priorities – Rediscover The Real You (Life Shift Book 1) has gradually built up a clear picture of your vision and priorities, based on your personal values and energy. Now we pull it together, ready for action.

6. Where Next? – Be aware what now interferes and what support is available as you set out to turn vision into action. You leave Life Shift Book 1 with the commitment to live your dream.

How to buy

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